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The standard annex walls are easily zipped on or off and there's a large entry door at one end and a screened window at the other.

To open the annex area more is an option, with extra zips on the corners of the walls at the door end. This allows the complete wall to be rolled up out of the way.

A full annex floor is optional (although we did without it), while a large wind-protector – that hangs from the unit's base and velcros to the end walls – stops wind blowing in under the vehicle. A zippered flap allows access to the canopy but we never used this option as there wasn't a need – we were only stopping in the one place for one or two nights.

The heavy-duty PVC, waterproof travel cover can also be used as an awning out the back, attached via a standard sail track. Each rung on the heavy-duty ladder has thick padding, which is appreciated when you have to climb up in bare feet. All zips are heavy-duty Paskal No.10 closures. The basic mattress is a 100mm foam unit.

This can be upgraded to a 100mm 'comfort plus' foam mattress; our unit had the basic mattress fitted and was very comfortable.

With an all-up weight of 80kg this unit is well made, strong and reliable and will give years of trouble-free service.

This unit's real appeal, though, is how quickly it goes up and packs away. I doubt if we have ever tested a unit so easy to set up and stow – and we've tried a fair few!

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