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A big desert trip meant RON AND VIV MOON needed a quick and easy accommodation option – enter a new rooftop tent from Tassie

We do a lot of travelling these days. And, the more time Viv and I spend on the road the more important it is that the tent or camper we use can be set up quickly and easily.

With a Canning Stock Route trip looming – and Viv's insistence she wasn't going to sleep in a swag for five weeks – I needed a swift solution.

Enter Tasmania-based Complete Canvas and Upholstery, which has been in the tent-making game for more than 20 years. After visiting its Devonport factory we came away impressed and decided one of the company's rooftop campers would be a great product for our desert trip.

The unit has a 2.2m x 1.4m all-aluminium and welded base. It can be mounted on roof bars – such as the Rhino Racks we have on our stretched Patrol – or mounted directly onto a canopy. We chose the latter as it seemed the easiest and would keep the whole unit as low as possible.

This base unit is fully lined with carpet to assist with insulation.

The fully waterproof tent section is made from Bradmill Superdux 285g canvas. This material is mildew- and rot-proof and is available in 10 different colours. Two sandflyscreened windows, with zippered enclosures, at either end of the tent are standard and provide good ventilation to the sleeping area. Access to the sleeping area is via a large fly-screened entry door, which offers protection from mozzies and other insects.

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